I was getting ready to put my home on the market. I needed to sell as quickly as possible, with the way the economy is, things didn't look promising.

My real estate agent suggested we do a few improvements to "make ready" my home for listing. My agent referred me to Ray Fuchs/RDH. He responded to my call immediately and I had an estimate within 24hrs. My wife spoke with a few other people he had done these "make ready's" for, all stated they were happy with the work and highly recommended him.

We accepted his bid and he started the work the following week. The project was finished a few days after the projected finish date but we had added some things. All in all the work was amazing and made all the difference in the world, our house sold in 3 weeks. We then used RDH to update our new home and build a deck.

Results were amazing! (I have attached photos of the completed deck and part of our new master shower).

I enjoyed being able to work with both Ray and his crew, all were knowledgeable and friendly. I would use him again and would highly recommend RDH to anyone!!

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Had a similar incident with RDH. Took 3 times as long to finish the project and delivered sub-par work.

Ray always complained about being "low on money" and had an excuse for everything.

Don't waste your time or money with this company. Just horrible.


I used RDH to build my deck and after a month of calling Ray finally showed up to "Take care of the problem personally" he fixed a few boards and left without a word. There are still warped boards that needed to be replaced and he won't return my calls!

So much for contracting a professional! I don't recommend them to anyone!

Buyer beware. I'm going to file a complaint with BBB imediately.

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